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Information about our Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program

Our dedicated team of physicians and staff provide compassionate care to our keiki with end-stage kidney disease so that they can return to normal life through kidney transplantation. The members of the transplant team have performed kidney transplant since 1994. The Queen’s transplant team works closely together with pediatric nephrologists and specialists at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children to provide comprehensive care before and after transplantation.

You can be a donor in either of 2 ways:

1) Register as a donor so that at the time of death, your donation wishes may be fulfilled
Click Here To Register As A Donor

2) Contact the Queen’s Transplant Center to become a live kidney donor.
Tel: 808-691-8897

Living Kidney Donation

Information about our Liver Transplant Program

Liver transplant is a life-saving surgical procedure to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver. Liver transplant is indicated for those patients with chronic liver disease (most commonly from viral hepatitis) and for irreversible acute liver failure.

The first liver transplant was performed in Hawaii in 1993 and since that time, our surgeons and staff have performed over 200 such transplants.The liver transplant team works closely with the Queen’s Liver Center to provide patients with continuity of care and long-term management of liver disease with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Donate Life

Kidney transplant candidates may receive a kidney from a living donor. Living donors can include friends, relatives or someone unrelated with a compatible blood type. Living donors may also donate to an anonymous candidate on the national waiting list.

In Hawaii, nearly 400 people are waiting for a transplant, but each year, only a small percentage of candidates will receive a kidney due to the shortage of donors. Patients in Hawai‘i wait on dialysis for an average of 5 years. Living donors can make a difference and allow a friend or relative to get off of dialysis.

Information about our Kidney Transplant Prgram

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure performed for those patients who have chronic kidney disease and require dialysis, a treatment to remove toxins from the blood. Most frequently, chronic kidney disease is due to complications of diabetes and high blood pressure. Kidney transplant allows patients to avoid the need for dialysis and have increased energy and a better quality of life. Patients may receive a kidney from a deceased donor or a live donor-- from a relative or someone unrelated with a compatible blood type.

The first kidney transplant in Hawaii was performed in 1969. Since that time, more than 1200 patients have received a kidney transplant.

Please watch this video the learn more about kidney transplantation, from evaluation to transplant, at Queen’s Transplant Center. Kidney Transplantation, A New Journey Begins

Kidney Transplant Education Video

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