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I watched my father and only sibling attend dialysis treatments three times a week as they suffered from a genetic kidney disease. In addition to the grueling dialysis treatment sessions, both experienced many medical complications as well. Dialysis was a part of our lives for 17 ½ years until my father and my only sister who was my best friend, both passed away. This is the same genetic kidney disease that I also have which meant dialysis was surely in my future.

I was preparing my family for the start of my dialysis treatments when I received an unexpected phone call from the Queen's Transplant Center on November 5th, 2013. The following day I was blessed with a precious and wonderful gift, a new kidney. From the moment I received the call I was surrounded by the most competent, compassionate and hard working professionals from the Queen's Transplant Team. They explained medical procedures, the medication regiment, and provided all information needed to maintain my new kidney.


After almost a year, the Transplant Team continues to monitor my progress. If I have any questions or concerns I do not hesitate to call them and all my calls are returned promptly. It is also reassuring to know that there is a 24 hour phone hotline where the Transplant Team can be reached. The Transplant coordinators are always friendly and will follow up with the doctor if ever a situation arises.

This has changed my life and offered me a new beginning. I will celebrate November 61h as a second Birthday. I am truly thankful for the care I have received from the Queen's Transplant Team and the excellent doctors at the Queen's Medical Center. I was blessed by a donor who shared with me the gift of life, a gift I will never forget.

Gayle Nakagawa Gonsalves

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